2023 Prep Tours and Step Into Prep

Parktone offer day and night tours and 'Step Into Prep' Sessions. Our tours are conducted by our leadership team who explain our pedagogy and show you our incredible facilities. 'Step Into Prep' gives you and your child a chance to explore the prep space and participate in play-based activities.

Day tours are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 9.30am and our night tours are on the 3rd April, 8th May, 19th June and 17th July @ 6pm. Please called the office on 9580 1207 to book your place. 

STEP INTO PREP - Thursday 25th May 2023

Children and their families are invited to come and explore our Prep spaces and take part in some Play-Based Learning activities. It's a great way for your child to familiarise themselves with school and meet some new friends. There will be several transition sessions on offer later in the year for both prospective and enrolled children. Please click here for the full list. 

We have 2 sessions on offer so please complete the form below and choose your session. 

Step Into Prep Registration


2024 Prep enrolments can be submitted from Term 2 - 24th April 2023.

For an enrolment to be accepted, it must include:

It is a legal requirement for parents of primary school students to provide a Birth Certifcate (proof of age) and an Immunisation History Statement for their child from the Australian Immunisation Register.

Please submit your information by one of the methods below:

Please click here to complete the Alternative Family form if the below describes your family situation

  • The alternative family is defined as the ‘family or parent the student lives with some of the time, or
    who they have regular contact with’. Some examples of alternative families may include, but are
    not limited to, a biological parent and a step-parent, a biological parent living alone, a relative/s the child sometimes lives with, or a foster parent.

Please refer to the Enrolment/Placement Policy on the Department of Education website and go to findmyschool to get further information on school zones and the My School website for school specific information. 

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