Parktone Social Group

What is the Parktone Social Group?


The Parktone Social Group is a sub-committee of the School Council and is a team of parents whose goals are to build and strengthen the relationships within the Parktone Primary School community. We recognise, and represent, the views of the broader school community to our Principal and the School Council.


Who can join the Parents Social Group?


All parents, grandparents, guardians and friends of Parktone Primary School students are able to join the Parktone Social Group. It is a great opportunity to meet fellow parents, carers and grandparents and contribute to the enhancement of your child’s experiences at Parktone Primary School. The level of participation is up to you. You may choose to assist in a hands-on capacity (organising events) or you may just support us by sharing your enthusiasm for the activities and events or during meetings.


What about fundraising?


The Parktone Social Group works in conjunction with all other School Council Sub-committees to raise funds for the school as a whole. All funds raised by the Parktone Social Group are wholly given over to the school to fully, or partially, fund classroom tools, school events, school maintenance and building / garden projects and sports equipment that is needed.


Parktone Social Group Structure?


Each year level will have the opportunity to manage one activity during the year, for example the Prep parents will be running the Hot Cross Bun Drive. Prior to the each activity, a call for volunteers will go out from the PSG Team. Every parent that volunteers will be guided through their activity by the PSG Team.


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