Parktone Parents & Friends

What is the P & F?


Parktone actively encourages parent/carer involvement in school life as we believe a strong link between the home and our school community directly impacts the learning journey of our students in a positive manner. Parktone Parents & Friends is a sub-committee of the School Council and is a team of parents whose goals are to build new and strengthen existing relationships within the Parktone Primary School community. The P & F recognises and represents the views of the broader school community, Principal and the School Council.


The P & F set and manage the Social and Fundraising Calander for the school each year. This committee meets monthly and reports to the Social and Fundraising and Community Partnerships Sub-Committee of the School Council.


Year Level Representaives act as a liaison between parents, teachers, and the school. They promote school wide fundraising and social events via various channels and can coordinate year level/class activities if they wish.



Who can join?


All parents, grandparents, guardians and friends of Parktone Primary School students are able to join the P & F. It is a great opportunity to meet fellow parents, carers and grandparents and contribute to the enhancement of students experiences at Parktone Primary. 



What about fundraising?


The P&F works in conjunction with all other School Council Sub-committees to raise funds for the school as a whole. All funds raised are wholly given over to the school to fully, or partially, fund classroom tools, school events, school maintenance and building / garden projects and sports equipment that is needed.





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