Please click here to meet our 2017 Prep Teaching Team! 

 Parktone Primary has a great community atmosphere and with 501 students and 35 teaching staff.

The Prep-Year 6 Buddies program supports our Prep children as they begin school. The Year 4 - 6 children visit the Preps in class and become familiar faces in the playground.

The Prep building has been specifically designed so the children feel more comfortable as they begin their school life. The building is a stand-alone facility with open learning spaces and a number of smaller learning nooks e.g. reading, maths and art areas. The facility comprises five classroom areas, store room and internal toilet. Banks of computers and a SMARTboard create a 21st century learning environment. The building is bright, colourful and highly stimulating.

After-school Community Sports and the Perceptual Motor Program ensure the Prep children have additional access to physical education over and above the school’s excellent P.E. and Performing Arts/Dance activities.

Parktone Primary School provides Before & After-school Care (on-site), managed by Camp Australia.

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