Performing Arts

Students develop skills and understanding through singing, playing instruments, moving, listening and creating music, drama and dance.


Important skills include:

  • Well-pitched and expressive singing.
  • A strong sense of beat and rhythmic feel and response.
  • Listening with concentration and imagination and developing stories.
  • Playing a wide range of instruments in a variety of class ensembles. The instruments include an extensive array of un-tuned / non-melodic (maracas etc.) and tuned / melodic (xylophones etc.) percussion instruments.
  • Refined listening leading to music literacy
  • Choral singing
  • Physical expression, movement, dance and drama.
  • Improvisation and composition.


All students have the opportunity (and obligation) to perform within class and to their peers and school community through assemblies, school concerts and special events.  Students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to audition for a role in a musical biannually.


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