Year Prep



Focuses on developing phonemic awareness, decoding and comprehension strategies. Teachers predominately use a Reader’s Workshop approach to model positive reading behaviours and provide direct instruction on how to be proficient readers.

Students are given opportunities to read independently, with partners and in small groups. Multisensory phonics activities and online literacy games are also used to support student learning. From the first week of school, students begin using their ‘book boxes’ and look forward to reading from it each reading session.




Our ‘Phonics’ lessons look at many different things throughout the year:

  • Letters within each students name
  • Letters of the alphabet and the sound they make
  • Exposing the students to high frequency words in the context of literature through the shared reading of books. This familiarises the students with the word as their understanding of the concept of word develops.
  • Segmenting and blending sounds to decode words






Writing focuses on letter formation and teaching our students the skills to recount experiences. Initially, the writing process focuses on communicating ideas through drawings whilst being encouraged to ‘have a go’ at

Squiggle writing, recording familiar sounds and eventually words.





Students develop their understanding of Number, Measurement, Shapes and Data through by using manipulatives and playing games to reinforce number facts.


  • Lessons follow a together-apart-together model:
  • Learning introduced.
  • Applying learning (independently/pairs)
  • Reflection of the learning.
  • Once a week our students enjoy consolidating their learning through Maths rotations and working with the teacher to receive support and extension.

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