Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program is the key learning area in the curriculum which focuses on developing our student’s ability to create and respond to a wide variety of artworks. The program aims to maximise our student’s enjoyment of and interests in Visual Arts by providing them with an array of hands on experiences that are designed to build competency, confidence and creativity.


Visual Arts at Parktone allows students to create a variety of visual artworks that communicate and express their own ideas and the ideas of others. Students enjoy experimenting with different materials, techniques and processes to plan and create artworks in a range of art forms. Students explore 7 areas of art form, including drawing, printmaking, modelling, construction, collage, textiles and painting. Students explore ideas, experiences, observations and imagination and express them through subject matter in the visual artworks they create. They develop their confidence, curiosity and imagination through opportunities to create artworks which reflect their individual ideas, beliefs and inspirations. 


Students view and respond to a variety of artworks from different places, times and cultures. They respond by discussing the subject matter and ideas, and their opinion on how the artist’s ideas are expressed to an audience. Students look at a variety of traditional and contemporary artists and their artworks and develop their critical and creative thinking to apply aesthetic judgements and infer meaning. 


The Visual Arts curriculum aims to develop students’:

  • conceptual and perceptual ideas and expressions through design and inquiry processes
  • visual arts techniques, materials, processes and technologies
  • critical and creative thinking, using visual arts languages, theories and practices to apply aesthetic judgment
  • respect for and acknowledgement of the diverse roles, innovations, traditions, histories and cultures of artists, craftspeople, designers, curators, critics and commentators
  • respect for visual arts as social and cultural practices, including industry practices
  • confidence, curiosity, imagination and enjoyment and a personal aesthetic through engagement with visual arts making, viewing, discussing, analysing, interpreting and evaluating.







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