Agreed Classroom Practices

At Parktone we focus on the whole child, not just their academic achievement, but also their social and emotional wellbeing. To that end we incorporate the following practices into our classroom routine every day:


  1. Check-in circles: After recess and lunch every day we spend a short amount of time checking in on the welfare of our students. This can be as quick as a ‘thumbs up, thumbs down’. Any issues noted during the check-in can be returned to in a more personal manner once the students have begun their work. 


  1. Learning circles: Are an engaging way to check-in on the learning and understanding of the students. It can be done multiple times throughout a session either as a whole class circle, or a small group circle. 


  1. Learning Partners: At the start of every week students are paired up randomly with a peer. This will be their learning partner for the week. When coming to the campfire for the initial part of the lesson, students will sit next to their learning partner. They will share ideas and thoughts during ‘turn and talk’ opportunities. This enables students to get to know all their peers and ensures no one is left out during discussions.

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