Instructional Model

The Parktone Instructional Model aligns with our pedagogical beliefs that:


There is a prosperous path for every child. 

Each journey is theirs to lead. 

There is a place in which every child can shine.


This vision, combined with the High Impact Teaching Strategies, has enabled us to develop an Instructional Model at Parktone that is effective and empowering. 


Tuning In (Maths only): 5 minutes 


Learning Intention: 2 minutes

We keep learning intentions simple, rather than in curriculum speak.

We ensure learning intentions are written as a ‘learning’ rather than a ‘task’. EG: ‘To understand when to use a comma’ rather than: ‘To use commas correctly’. The second one would be written as an ‘I can’ statement for the success criteria. 


Success Criteria: 2 minutes

We develop ‘I can’ statements with the students so each child has an entry point for success.


Accessing Prior Knowledge: 3 minutes 

Using a non-linguistic cue (photo / picture / video / audio) and specific questioning, students look at / watch / listen to something related to what they are going to be learning about in the session. 

This allows an entry point for students who usually struggle to engage at the beginning of a lesson. 

After the short audio / video clip or photo / picture students turn and talk allowing for some collaborative learning and sharing of opinions.



This is the explicit teaching part of the lesson. Teachers model, facilitate class discussions, and ensure students understood the learning. 


Application: 30 minutes 

Students spend this time engaged in purposeful work / practice or are involved in strategy groups / small group work. 

During this time teachers will be: 

Conferencing / Running Small Groups / Facilitating support in the Swamp / Gathering anecdotal formative data


Reflection: 5 minutes (Essential in every lesson)

Students can share thoughts about their work and refer back to the Learning Intention

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