School Council

School Council


Parktone School Council has the important role of ensuring effective functioning of the school. Not only does it give parents an official voice on school matters, but it has joint responsibility for the development of educational policies, maintaining facilities and grounds, overseeing financial operations and ensuring a quality education for all of our students.


Parktone Primary School Council oversees the school within the guidelines set out by the Department of Education and consists of elected parents and community members, staff members and Principal. We also have the ability to co-opt additional members should the need arise. The roles of our School Council include:


• Acting as a channel regarding whole school issues, policies and practices

• Determining goals and priorities of the school within the framework of the school plan and state guidelines

• Approving and monitoring the school budget and ensuring all monies are expended for proper purposes

• Developing the student code of conduct and dress code

• Overviewing the buildings and grounds and ensuring they are kept in safe working order

• Reporting annually to the school community and the Department of Education

• Appointing the Principal

• Generally stimulating interest in the school


What the School Council is not responsible for is the day to day operations of the school such as staffing arrangements , concerns relating to individual students, complaints about teachers or implementation of policies.


 Our School Council is supported by sub committees:


• Buildings and Grounds


• Finance


• Education Policy


• Parktone Social Group


School council meetings are held in the staff room on the second Tuesday of most months (except school holidays). Elections are held each year in March and committee membership is open to all interested members of our school community.


Any enquiries with regards to School Council should be directed to the School Principal.

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