Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Information



To start the process of your child moving from Primary School in to a Secondary School, it is highly recommended that you visit 

'Moving from Primary to Secondary School' for important information on how to enrol and support your child. In Term 2, 2024, a Year 7 2025 Placement Information Pack will be sent home to all Year 6 students.  



In Term 2, 2024 you can then -

  1. use Find my School to locate your local secondary school or preferred school, and read about School zones and Enrolling in school.
  2. complete the application form within the pack and return it to Parktone Primary by Friday 10 May 2024. If you're child has gained entry to a non-government secondary school, you are still required to complete the form as indicated.

Year 7 placement is decided by secondary schools using the Department’s Placement Policy. However, all communication about your child's placement must be with the 2024 Year 6 Coordinator or Transition Coordinator at Parktone until the placement is confirmed.



Moving to a non-government secondary school or registering for home schooling


If your secondary school preferences include a school or schools that are not your designated neighbourhood school, you should read about School zones and how they work and how applications are prioritised using the Department’s Placement Policy, as outlined on the Enrolling in school page.


Visit Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and Independent Schools Victoria to find Catholic and independent schools.


For home schooling, find out about the requirements and how to register your child for home schooling.


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