Principal's message


Parktone Primary School opened in 1961 and is situated in a quiet residential street in Parkdale in the City of Kingston. The school is on a spacious and attractive 2.5-hectare site. Traditional classrooms have been redeveloped into stimulating learning centres incorporating ICT and the re-arrangement of furniture and spaces to cater for a variety of learning needs.  There are 54 staff members and 501 children.


Literacy and Numeracy are priority school programs. Specialist programs in STEAM, Visual Arts, Japanese and Physical Education provide students with outstanding opportunities to discover and develop their interests and skills.


Parktone Primary School fosters a strong community spirit.  Students take up a wide range of leadership roles and actively participate in the Student Representative Council called The Beacon Team. Parents are actively involved in a wide range of school programs at all levels including Fundraising, School Council, and the Parents & Friends team.


In a stimulating and challenging teaching and learning environment, individual students are supported and encouraged to develop their talents, build resilience and confidence, and have respect for themselves and others. Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ is a character development approach demonstrated by staff across all teaching and learning experiences. Sean Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Happy Kids’ is the strategy teachers are implementing to create highly effective children.


We have transformed traditional classrooms into flexible learning communities that are designed to cater to a wider variety of learning styles. In the classroom spaces and our newly appointed library, you will find learning nooks with soft and purposeful furniture that caters for the needs of all students to achieve their true potential. In this space teachers and children have continuous access to a world of knowledge through banks of computers, iPads and SMARTboards. The learning environment now matches the outstanding quality of our teachers. 


The children are taking great pride in their 21st century school. They are developing a more sophisticated approach to their learning as teachers lead them through negotiated curriculum tasks and provide inquiry-based learning frameworks.


The Working in Your Element electives program is a highly engaging experience for the children. The children have the opportunity to choose programs based on their preferred learning styles and interests.


Together we have worked on many fronts including the development of beautiful gardens, maintaining well-kept grounds and creating new and highly stimulating learning spaces. Visitors to our school are spreading the word that Parktone Primary is an innovative school with a positive energy. Education Department representatives have also visited and expressed their excitement and congratulations as we have created and celebrated significant milestones. Together we are achieving our goals. Together we can stand tall and be proud.


It is a privilege to receive encouragement and support from the parent community. We have so many proactive and positive parents who contribute readily to support the school’s values and programs.  Parents in the wider community are also showing their support for Parktone, by enrolling their children in record numbers. When parents choose to enrol their children at Parktone Primary, they are declaring their interest, respect and trust in what we do.  What a powerful affirmation. I am proud and always ready to tell others that I am the principal of one of Melbourne’s most dynamic and rapidly improving schools. It is an honour to serve as an educator and to share my passion and love for learning. 


The Parktone school community has a powerful synergy and its spirit is radiant!






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