Kindergarten to Foundation (Prep) Transition Information

Transition into Prep at Parktone is important for children to be a part of as it helps them adjust to their new school environment, routines, and expectations. It provides the children plenty of opportunity and time to become familiar with their surroundings, make new friends and build relationships with teachers. Importantly, it also exposes children to the school culture and introduces them to the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. These habits support children with things like time management, organisation and independence. Setting them up for success in their academic journey is an important part of Prep!


Students immerse themselves in the school environment by taking part in activities in Literacy, Numeracy and they even get to attend some Specialist classes. The students enjoy painting in Art, playing with the robots in STEAM, learning new words in Japanese, playing games in Sport, and using instruments in Performing Arts.


We warmly welcome school tours weekly for families to get a feel for the school’s environment, facilities, and overall atmosphere. It’s a great opportunity to meet teachers, ask questions and get a sense of the schools’ programs. It supports families in making an informed decision about the best fit for your child.


The Parktone transition program runs from as early as May and finishes in November to ensure that your child has many opportunities to engage in the school environment. Attending these sessions allows for a smoother transition and allows your child to feel part of the school community before beginning their Prep year.



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